Submission of the Land Cargo Declaration at Kasenga and the Railway Cargo Declaration at Sakania in GUICE

As part of the continued deployment of the GUICE Reform and in accordance with the notes of the Provincial Directorate Haut Katanga / DGDA N ° DP / KAT / DIR / 000652/2021 and N ° DP / KAT / DIR / 000653/2021 of 29 January 2021, SEGUCE RDC has the real pleasure to inform you that since this Monday February 1, 2021, the completion of customs formalities consisting of the filing of the loading declaration for the rail mode at the SAKANIA station as well as the filing of the declaration loading at the KASENGA border post scheduled for February 15, 2021, will be subject to compulsory passage through the GUICE platform.

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Service notes N ° DP / KAT / DIR / 000652 and N ° DP / KAT / DIR / 000653/2021