Meeting between SEGUCE-OGEFREM and Maritime Agents

On April 27, 2021, a meeting was held between agents of SEGUCE RDC, OGEFREM and Shipping agents relating to the harmonization of the format and the integration of freight values ​​in the manifesto distributed from the GUICE to the various state bodies. empowered.

The Freight Director of OGEFREM noted the concern to harmonize the elements constituting the net freight, elements which will be made available through the GUICE by the Shipping Agents. Therefore, it will be a question of setting up in the GUICE several lines / beacons in order to allow the Maritime Agents to fill in all the elements of the freight expected by OGEFREM. These elements are already being sent to OGEFREM by email, so without going through GUICE.

In view of the discussions, it was decided that SEGUCE should offer, based on the structure of the already existing Cargo manifesto, a file model (meeting technical standards) to Shipping Agents (CMA CGM, Maersk, Connex Africa, LMC, GTM, etc. ) for adaptation to integration into the GUICE and the tags to be added according to the standards expected from OGEFREM.

On the other hand, those who operate in manual entry (HMI) will continue to do so and fill in all the lines related to freight.

The next technical meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.