Working session: Presidency of the Republic and SEGUCE DRC

It is to honor the vision of the Head of State in particular to make the foreign trade sector one of the locomotive of the country's economic growth, that his principal advisor in charge of foreign trade and his collaborators met the Director General. of SEGUCE DRC and its collaborators in the conference room of SEGUCE DRC on August 28, 2020.

During the discussions, it was a question of presenting the reform of GUICE: an inventory, progress as well as the difficulties encountered.

In view of this presentation, the principal adviser to the Head of State was delighted to note that the GUICE reform project respects the objective assigned by the Congolese government and that he will not hesitate to lend a hand to solve different problems.

In addition, a next meeting is scheduled for Friday 04 September in order to officially present a memorandum containing the inventory of the difficulties encountered in the deployment of GUICE.