GUICE reform popularization campaign in central Kongo

It is following the "go" launched by his Excellency the Prime Minister in Kinshasa last October, that the delegation designated by the Minister of Foreign Trade, went to central Kongo in order to carry out a popularization related to the use of the GUICE platform. from December 26 to 29, 2022.

This delegation was made up of the reform monitoring committee, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and SEGUCE.

The extension was done respectively on the 27th in Matadi, the 28th in Boma and the 29th in LUFU with the support and accompaniment of the representative of the Minister of Commerce in Matadi, of the Mayor of Boma as well as the head of the territory of Songololo for LUFU.

The result is satisfaction with the action taken because this action indicates to the operators the concern to "do well".

A large number of needs have been raised with the delegation, which does not intend to stop there and continue the said campaign in the coming days in Haut-Katanga as well as in the east of the country.