Sama Lukonde accelerates the implementation of the reform of the Foreign Trade Single Window

Prime Minister Sama Lukonde chaired a meeting with sector ministries with the aim of boosting the effective implementation of the reform of the Single Window for Foreign Trade to increase the mobilization of public revenues.

The Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, chaired, this Saturday, June 04, 2022 at the Government Building, the meeting of the Foreign Trade Reform Oversight Committee to assess its implementation.

During this meeting, the Head of Government gave clear assignments to each ministry and each service still behind in the implementation of this reform, the effectiveness of which is in line with the vision of the Head of State, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, who is very keen on reforms to increase public revenue mobilization and improve the business climate.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Jean-Lucien Bussa, declared this to the press at the end of this meeting.

The Prime Minister today, exceptionally, chaired the meeting of the Oversight Committee for the reform of the Single Window for Foreign Trade. This is a reform that consists of dematerializing import and export procedures. This reform is of paramount importance. To give just two elements: it makes it possible to speed up import-export procedures, it also ultimately makes it possible to improve the mobilization of State revenue. It was therefore important that all the ministries involved in the implementation of this reform be able to come together and carry out the reform in the same way. The Prime Minister, through this meeting, gave a very clear impetus. He gave assignments to each ministry and each service still behind in the implementation of the reform, to be able to work twice as hard for the reform to be effective. The President of the Republic has put a high point on the reforms and insists on the improvement of the business climate. This reform is timely. Because it improves the business climate. It also helps accelerate economic activity through trade,” he said.

Jean-Lucien Bussa has promised to hold a new meeting of its kind soon, to further assess the progress made in the meantime.

We left this meeting very satisfied. Because things have been said very clearly. The assignments are also clear. Deadlines are set. We will meet again in one or two weeks to see the improvements observed, "promised the Minister of Foreign Trade.

Indeed, the Democratic Republic of Congo has implemented a major reform in this sector, consisting in instituting the integral foreign trade counter "GUICE", managed by SEGUCE to dematerialize import and export procedures. It is with the aim of improving the transparency, speed and efficiency of procedures related to the import, export and transit of goods that the Authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo wanted to provide innovative solutions. to secure, automate and optimize the procedures used by the Foreign Trade Community.

The Integral Single Window for Foreign Trade is a dematerialized and interactive platform for the use of the Foreign Trade Community and dedicated to trade facilitation. Thus, it centralizes and distributes in real time all the information necessary for the activity of the stakeholders of all the regulatory, customs and logistics components of import, export and transit operations on the national territory.