To be trained in the use of GUICE in accordance with the different modules, there is a prerequisite to which any person wishing to subscribe must complete, namely to fill in :
An environment sheet
A registration form for the training

How to fill in the two forms? ?

Before completing the information in accordance with the descriptions entered therein, it is advisable that you first make sure that the contacts: telephone / emails are correct and that the physical address of your entity's headquarters is correct.
Then, you can complete the sheets by concluding with a signature and stamp of your entity.

Attention point

Regarding the training registration form, you can complete the desired training module by referring to the section: Our training courses (link) where all the details you need are located. For any other difficulty please contact our support team.

Book a date

To reserve a training date and send the two completed forms, please contact the support team : Telephone number: +243843385959


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